Pushover Notifications for WordPress

Get push notifications from your WordPress Sites
Pushover Notifications allows your WordPress site to send push notifications for important events, straight to your iOS and Android devices.

Make WordPress work for You

Don’t be tied to your Dashboard to know what’s going on with your site, blog or store.
Never miss a comment, sale, forum reply, or user registration again. You’ll get notifications you want, right on your mobile device.

Pick your Notifications

We realize that your attention is a valuable commodity. For this reason, Pushover Notifications for WordPress allows you to choose what notifications to receive.
When we add new notifications, they are opt-in. Always.

Developer Friendly

Are you a developer? Found a bug, idea, or suggestion? View our developer documentation or check out our GitHub repo and let us know with an issue or pull request.
If you have an idea for a extension use our contact page to let us know. We offer a 75/25 commission to developers of extensions.

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